Marketing for B to B !

Marketing and Business Development for B to B markets; that’s what this site is all about ! On this site, you will share profound insights regarding the development and initiation of novel propositions and markets for business to business applications and markets; Telecom in particular. Topics dealt with are

  • Business Development and Innovation
  • Business Development, Marketing and Sales
  • Managing funnel and driving sales
  • Managing portfolio and developing propositions
  • Marketing for Technology and Telecom markets
  • Particularities relative to hi tech and telecom markets

Marketing4B2B has extensive experience developing such markets and propositions. Based on decades of experience working for a broad range of international industries, we can offer genuine and hands on knowledge on developing novel markets. Marketing4B2B consultants can provide you with

  • Consultancy services to strengthen your Business, market and portfolio development. Consultancy can take any form ranging from initial market assessment and strategy consulting to planning of tangible new market entries.
  • Interim management to actually manage and deliver your new business development; from market exploration and portfolio development all the way to concrete sales initiation, market communication and channel management.

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Marketing & business development for B to B markets